Watch to learn how to educate your team and get them up and running quickly on LastPass, a top-rated password manager. In this webinar, we will show you how to:
  • Easily enroll your team members with secure passwords across all of the apps they use every day
  • Make sure that your employees use strong, unique passwords, and update them regularly
  • Securely sharing your team's passwords
  • Set up and enforce effective authentication policies across your organization
  • Manage digital security, compliance, and reporting for your company
Each attendee receives a recorded version of the webinar in addition to an in-depth LastPass Study Guide you can work through and share with your team, including:
  • Summaries of each webinar and main takeaways for business leaders
  • Step-by-step process for implementing your digital security strategy
  • Training resources for your employees and stakeholders
  • Demonstrations of key tools and workflows for protecting your company

Protect your company today by attending our webinar, Managing Your Team’s Passwords!

About the Speakers:
Jerome Ferrara
Lou DeLillo
Jerome Ferrara
Principal Product Specialist
Lou DeLillo
Senior Solutions Consultant
Watch the Recording: