When it comes to managing the modern workforce your security strategy is as strong as your most educated and empowered employee. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to create a culture of cybersecurity – but a secure workforce starts at the top, with leadership setting the tone.
Join cybersecurity leadership expert Dr. Jessica Barker and LastPass Chief Revenue Officer Amy Appleyard for a discussion about:
  • How to lead by example in creating a culture of cybersecurity
  • What a great cybersecurity culture looks like
  • How to evaluate how security fits in with your current culture
  • Ways to improve security without frustrating users or disrupting work
  • How to measure your effort and show real, tangible results

Watch this webinar to start building a cybersecurity culture you can be confident in.

Dr. Jessica Barker
Amy Appleyard
Dr. Jessica Barker
Co-CEO of Cygenta
Amy Appleyard
Chief Revenue Officer at LastPass
Watch the Recording: