Passwords are a challenge. For users, there are too many to remember. For admins, there’s the never-ending resets and compliance issues. For businesses, there are security concerns and lost productivity.

Passwords are a leading cause of stolen data, ransomware, and other cybersecurity threats. Because passwords will always be a vulnerable entry point – and a hassle for users – it’s time to get rid of them.
Join us on for a panel discussion with FIDO Alliance about how the future of security is password-free access and learn:
  • The history of passwords – and why the future is passwordless
  • How removing passwords as a login option reduces the threat landscape
  • What passwordless access and authentication will look like
Be part of a more secure, passwordless future.
David Turner
Alex CoxDeMichele
Katie Petrillo
David Turner
Senior Director of Standards Development at FIDO Alliance
Alex Cox
Director of Information Security at LastPass
Katie Petrillo
Director of Product Marketing, LastPass
Watch the Recording: