Small businesses do not have unlimited time or resources. At the same time, the security risks are real and 51% of small businesses have no cybersecurity measures in place at all.

How can small and medium-size businesses realistically reduce their risk and strengthen their security posture?
Join cybersecurity leader and small business CEO Gary Salman, Cameron Cumming from Nueva Solutions and LastPass to discuss how to:
  • Start building your small business cybersecurity defenses
  • Identify the most common risks for SMBs
  • Understand the importance of password security
  • Help gain better adoption and compliance with employees

Start taking steps to address cybersecurity at your small business.
About the speakers:
Gary Salman
Cameron Cumming
Amy Appleyard
Gary Salman
CEO of Black Talon
Cameron Cumming
Nueva Solutions
Amy Appleyard
Chief Revenue Officer
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