It’s time to envision a world without passwords, a world that removes the password-related friction that prevents users from securing and managing their passwords easily and automatically.

True FIDO2-compliant passwordless access to every device, browser, website, and app will take years to develop, but LastPass can get you there sooner.

Join us to learn how LastPass is enabling an end-to-end passwordless experience for the LastPass vault, and all sites stored within.
What will this enable you to do?
  • Reduce password related friction for employees
  • Increase usage and adoption
  • Set stronger policies and increase security
  • Fewer lockouts for employees and resets for IT
Hear from LastPass CTO, Christofer Hoff, as he demonstrates a passwordless login experience, and discusses future plans for FIDO2 authenticators like biometrics and security keys.

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About the Speakers:
Christofer Hoff
Lou DeLillo
Katie Petrillo
Christofer Hoff
Chief Secure Technology Officer, LastPass
Lou DeLillo
Senior Solutions Consultant, LastPass
Katie Petrillo
Director of Product Marketing, LastPass
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