When it comes to employee retention, reputation, customer loyalty, and much more, organizations know – culture is crucial. But what about cybersecurity?

Prioritizing making cybersecurity a part of a comprehensive corporate culture gives you a better standing when it comes to protecting your organization, data, and people. Our next webinar will help take you from a goal of having a strong cybersecurity culture to a roadmap of how to get there.

Watch this to know more about:
  • How to develop a leadership plan
  • What a clear, comprehensive policy looks like
  • What investments to make – in time, resources, and technology
  • The impact of a strong cybersecurity culture, including teams that are more likely to spot potential threats and better security tool adoption
Watch this webinar to develop a step-by-step plan to bolster your culture and strengthen your security posture.
About the Speakers:
Shira Rubinoff
Shira Rubinoff
Cybersecurity Thought Leader

Lora Rodstein
LastPass SVP Human Resources

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